Shake It Off Video Montage

I had a lot of fun creating a music video montage to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” song. My goal of this video is to raise awareness and acceptance of transgender youth and adults. Being transgender is NOT a mental illness, it is just a variation of the human condition. We need more understanding and more allies!! Those who are transgender should not live in shame or in fear of coming out. And for those who face adversity every day, here is my reminder to try your best to “shake it off”. For any one person who is against you, there are more people who will stand for you.

A sincere thanks to everyone who contributed videos for this project, and to my sister Emily who sang the modified lyrics.

Enjoy the video below, and feel free to share! 🙂

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  1. I had lunch with a self-described “bunch of old trans guys” yesterday. I’m 65 and began my transition last year. It’s slow going, trying to work through a lifetime of assaults and extreme self-censorship, but I don’t bite my nails any more. 😉 This video really made me smile. Thanks.


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  2. Love, love, love this video! Thanks so much for making this and for all you do for the trans community.. The very best part is that the viewer has NO idea who is trans and who is an ally. Just all beautiful human beings having fun, being loving and loved.

  3. This is soo wonderful, absolutely darling!

  4. Thank you for this creation!

    It’s great to have creative minds finding new creative methods of communicating ideas to help change calcified thinking!

    Harold Kameya

  5. Reblogged this on Dawn to Don and commented:
    I just had to share this awesome music video put together by Darlene Tando to the Shake it Off song. Enjoy and if you don’t know Darlene yet, check out her blog. She’s an amazing ally and has written some beautiful posts on her site.

  6. Loved the video Darlene and I reblogged it for my followers. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful and uplifting!

  8. Such a lovely video, really well done, upbeat and showing lots of people, yay! Gives me nice smiles for the morning, thank yoooou

  9. This is an adorable video, loved it.

  10. This is an adorable video, loved it.

  11. Sent the video link to my closest T-Girlfriend, she’s a Taylor Swift nut, along with a link to your blog.
    Love the video, thank you so much to everyone involved.

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